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As soon as I turned 21, I realized that there were some things I needed to do in order to stay safe when I was out with my friends. For starters, I began focusing carefully on drinking responsibly. We would go through, talk about our plan to stay safe for the evening, and then hit the club with a responsible mindset. We also worked towards limiting the number of drinks that we were able to have, which helped us to stay even safer. This website is here to help other people to stay safe when they are drinking to prevent problems down the road.




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Six Sweet Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite Dessert Wine

If you have an affinity for the flavor of a sweet or slightly-sweet dessert wine, embrace it! These wines are far more versatile than simply serving with fruit or pastry at the end of a meal. Try some unique ways to incorporate the flavor profile of your favorite in a few different ways.

Six suggestions for serving and enjoying a sweet wine like a Sauterne wine are:

1. With a picnic. Pack a bottle of Sauterne wine with a picnic for the perfect, summery meal. Sauterne can be served cool, or at room temperature, so it isn't necessary to pack this sweet white wine in a cooler or refrigerator. Serve with rich finger-foods like cheese, cookies, and chocolate.

2. To cut the fat. Serve a slightly-acidic wine with dessert, and a glass of Port is perfect with pastries or cheese plates. Try a glass of cold Moscato with anything sweet and a glass of crisp Sauterne with rich, creamy puddings and custards. The acidity of the Sauterne cuts the fat, and creates a harmonious balance on your palate.

3. As a glaze. Heat your favorite dessert wine until it cooks down and reaches a thick, sticky consistency. Brush this on chicken, ribs, and pork for a sweet and tangy glaze that works well on the grill or when roasting meats. Add some sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme leaves for additional depth of flavor.

4. To macerate fruit. Got a little dessert wine left in the bottle? Use this to macerate and marinate fresh berries for a tangy treat that is excellent with frozen yogurt or custards, whenever fresh produce is in season.

5. In salad dressing. Combine light cooking oil and dessert wine for a fresh and fruity salad dressing. Pair with fresh berries or citrus in a salad of greens for a light and sophisticated lunch idea. This also is ideal when entertaining and having guests over; the simple dressing can be seasoned with your favorite spices, herbs, or a good dose of salt and pepper.

6. In your Sangria. Instead of a dry-red varietal, use dessert wine in your favorite Sangria recipe. Taste for sweetness before adding simple syrup as the wine brings natural sugar that alters the amount of additional sweetener needed.

Pull out that bottle of Sauterne, Port, or Spumante and serve it beyond the dessert-course. Enjoy these tasty serving suggestions for a bottle of sweet or slightly-sweet wine, and appreciate a whole new gamut of flavors and functions for your favorite.