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As soon as I turned 21, I realized that there were some things I needed to do in order to stay safe when I was out with my friends. For starters, I began focusing carefully on drinking responsibly. We would go through, talk about our plan to stay safe for the evening, and then hit the club with a responsible mindset. We also worked towards limiting the number of drinks that we were able to have, which helped us to stay even safer. This website is here to help other people to stay safe when they are drinking to prevent problems down the road.




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Three Things You Need To Know About Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

With the holidays right around the corner, a wine tasting is an excellent way to celebrate the season with friends and family members. Wine tastings are terrific events to figure out what types of wine you want to add to your wine cellar. Before you plan your event, check out a few things you need to know about hosting a wine tasting party.

1. You Have Options When It Comes to the Venue

One of the great things about a wine tasting party is that you can host it anywhere that permits the consumption of alcohol. If you want to avoid having to book a separate venue or preparing your home for guests, consider hosting your wine tasting event at the winery itself. The winery staff can also assist you with determining what wines you want to serve and what additional entertainment (If any) you wish to provide.

If you decide to host the event at home, make sure you rent tables, chairs, and other fixtures to ensure you have the necessary decor and supplies for your tasting. Don't forget a large number of glasses and spitoons for guests who choose not to swallow their wines.

2. Food Matters

There should be no eating during the actual wine tasting, as this can interfere with the taste of the beverage. Some crackers or a plate of cheese can help remove the taste of a previous wine so that your guests are ready for a fresh sampling.

However, you may want to incorporate a light meal into your event. If so, just pay attention to when you serve it and the amount of time between the meal and the tasting. Ideally, serve your food before the tasting so that your guests have some food on their stomachs if they choose to swallow the wine. Another option is to hold the meal at the end of the evening and serve finger foods before the tasting.

3. Avoid Have Conflicting Scents in the Space

One of the advantages to hosting a wine tasting event at the winery is that the winery knows what elements can interfere with the taste of the wine. When tasting, scent influences how the wine tastes. If there is a strong scent in the area, even if its a natural scent (such as flowers), this can change the flavor of the wine.

If you are hosting the event yourself, clear the room of any candles. When prepping the room, avoid using cleaning products that have a lingering scent.